Dear Diary, It’s Tuesday in Douglas, that’s the place not a person, and our first visit to the Isle of Man TT is going well and what an incredible event to be a part of. The team arrived on Thursday to set up the working garage and continue preparation on the two Yamaha R1 machines and the Yamaha R6 Supersport bike ahead of Sunday’s opening practice qualifying session.

Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha

Phil, Al, Dale and JB are the guys spinning spanners and, erm, whatever you do with ratchets on the bikes with Boggy in his usual role on the black and round hoops and Dakar Derek joining in as helping hand where necessary while Tim looks at his laptop and tut’s quite often. Team owner Alan, along with Team Principal, Paul, are overseeing the whole operation under the guidance of Hollie who keeps it all together and organises pretty much EVERYTHING for us while at the same time carrying a little person inside her, who’s growing quite fast.

We took the bikes up to the assembly area late morning on Sunday in glorious sunshine and it was really busy! There were more teams, riders and more media people than we’ve ever seen in one place at any time – they’re definitely going big at the TT this year, that’s for sure! The assembly garage is an extension of the main awning but up near the Glencrutchery Road where all the bikes, generator, tyre warmers and toolboxes live before the track action starts.

James was a bit excited (and a bit nervous, we could smell that) about his first lap since 2019 so he went ‘steady’, he took the Superstock bike out first just to get his eye in – think Superbike but on treaded tyres in easy terms – then hopped on the Superbike for a couple of laps. Diary, we can’t repeat his words, but the smile said everything, it was good to be back! Paul got on the telly as tv’s Matt Roberts came over for a chat to say nice things about the team and about Davo, our injured rider who has been man-napped by the broadcast team to help with commentary and if you know Davo, you’ll know he’s VERY good at talking!

James is happy and the bikes are in the window…which apparently means they’re ready to race and not actually for sale!
We have to go now as there’s free coffee and we’re missing out.
We’ll write again soon, promise!