Dear Diary, It’s been a busy week here on the ‘Rock’, as it’s known. Not sure why, as we haven’t actually seen any yet but when we do it’s going to be aniseed. The weather has been kind so far and the course action has been fast!

Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha

I’ve been up in the assembly area, up on the start line and out to a place called Rhencullen with a really good photographer called Stephen. He lives on the island, he’s Manx (didn’t ask if it was the same for Manx men as it is for the Manx cats, though…). The Assembly area is busy and VERY noisy with lots and lots of people and lots of motorbikes revving and coming and going. There’s lots of arm-waving going on when the riders return but they must be happy as they do some funny little dances with their hands and sway from side to side when talking to their friends in the team.

Rhencullen was a bit scary, gosh. The speed limits don’t matter to the riders and a slight rise in the road turns into a small humpback bridge! I swear I heard at least two go ‘wheeeeeeeeeeee’ as they flew past at warp factor 10 a good foot off the ground…and then in the blink of an eye they were gone!
Because it’s not a race against other riders like BSB, it’s a race against the clock – the best game ever of ‘Who’s the fastest?’! Whoever goes from Douglas to, well, Douglas in the shortest time wins. It’s that easy. Sometimes they go round four times and sometimes six; even one lap is quite a long way round. I tried but had to give up at St. Ninians as my tea was ready.

Today is the last day of Qualifying because tomorrow is the first race when it all gets a bit serious, and people start to look very cross as they put on their race face. I tried the race face, but it just looked like I needed the toilet… never mind.
Diary, I’ll be back with another entry after the weekend. It’s starting to get very exciting!
As much as this is a light-hearted view, Wednesday night saw the most difficult of times as we lost Mark Purslow in an incident at Ballagarey. Our sincere condolences go to Mark’s family and friends. He’ll be sadly missed.